Helping drivers get back on the road is what we do.  Call Southern Tire at (904) 389-7233.  Known for the fasted mobile truck tire repair in Jacksonville, FL, Southern Tire are the go to guys!

The picture above is how we started our Sunday morning.  A blown out steer tire on I-295.  Every truckers nightmare, these blow outs can cause quite a bit of damage from rims & airlines to bodywork.

The driver was able to get the truck to a safe location and did so without damaging the wheel. He gave Southern Tire a call and we were on site in less than 30 minutes.


Quite the mess we had there, but it wasn’t much of a problem.  Our technician removed the wheel and unwrapped the tire from the hub and brake chamber.  After inspection the airlines and harness, we remounted a new tire and put this truck back on the road.

From the initial call to job completion was less than 1 hour.  Now folks, that’s service!

If you have a tire issue in Jacksonville, Southern Tire is your best choice for service.  Feel free to contact us for pricing and payment options.  We work with our customers anyway we can.

Safe Driving!!!