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Bringing in quality used truck tires by the truck load, that’s what Southern Tire is all about.  We specialize in providing the commercial trucking industry a reliable source for used truck tires.  We carry all the major sizes in virgin high tread, virgin re-groove and cap-overs.

Our high treads speak for themselves and are available first come first serve.  Because of demand, our inventory turns very quickly.  Our re-grooves are cut by machine.  The lines are perfect and true.  Our re-grooves generally provide twice the life of our competitors tires because of our high-standard pull criteria.

Call (904) 389-7233 for questions and pricing.  We have an in-house service division that can install and repair any size tire you need.  Roadside service is our specialty, so if you have a blowout, Southern Tire is the number to call.